Case study on entrepreneurship development with questions

Specifically, the challenges faced by small or single-person implementation teams are discussed, with suggestions for overcoming these challenges to produce more realistic and viable businesses.

Case study on entrepreneurship development with questions

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Job Search Explain the concept of Entrepreneurship Development by using a Case Study The concept of entrepreneurship development is explained by a case study of Adani Group, for which Gautam Adani is the founder.

At his young age, Gautam Adani moved from his birth place Ahmedabad to Mumbai. He was 18 when he moved to Mumbai, leaving his family.

He started his career as a diamond sorter with Mahindra Brothers. After gaining enough of experience, within two years of his work with Mahindra Brothers, he has established his own diamond brokerage business. In his first year of business only he has earned a huge amount of profit of about ten lakh rupees, which was very huge amount during s.

He then started to trade with the commodities such that he can buy a PVC for the plastic factory that is being run by his brother.

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Adani Enterprises was established by him in the late s. He was trading with the commodities related to agriculture and power industries. With the intention of exporting Salt from Gujarat, Adani Group has entered into partnership with Cargill, one of the multinational companies of America.

As time passed, the company has grown and there was no more partnership. This partnership has left Adani Group with around 5, acres of land. The policy regulations of has facilities may changes and this has encouraged and motivated the business in India, and this has made Adani Group earn huge amounts of profits.


A decision regarding a sea port that is situated in Gujarat that it has to be lending to the private companies. This decision was made in But later this contract was given to Adani Group. The group has worked hard and has developed the port to such an extent that now it can handle about 8 crore tons of cargo per year, and is considered as the largest private sector port of India.

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Adani has made assumptions about the need for power in future and this made Adani to import coal. And this made Adani to enter into the power and energy sector. And in those lines, Adani Power Ltd.

And now it has turned a one of the largest private thermal power company which can hold a capacity of about MW.

Case study on entrepreneurship development with questions

According to the latest statistics, forbes has listed Gautam Adani as the 11th richest person of India, having the asset value of 40 billion USD and providing employment to about 60, people.Learning from Failure: A Case Study in Entrepreneurship A Rapid Prototyping Environment for Student Entrepreneurs New Solutions to the Funding Dilemma of Technology Startups.

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Mukesh Pandey, K Sudhir, Raman Ahuja, and Deepali Tewari FieldFresh Foods. Customer/Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Operations. By , the FieldFresh team had been able to create an efficient supply chain for baby corn across Punjab and Maharashtra at all levels.

Case study on entrepreneurship development with questions

Entrepreneurship case studies. Entrepreneurship is at the root of business. Some entrepreneurs become so successful that their companies last long for generations (and beyond), while some last for . A CASE STUDY ON CREATIVITY, INNOVATION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP EDUCATION OF THE UNIVERSITY IN TAIWAN Hsiang-Yung Feng Institute of Economic and Social Studies, Taiwan.

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