Pub 375 notes

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Pub 375 notes

My examination of the material online suggests that the correct page is as well as p.

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The plate is found in no. Thanks to Michael Rieser for helping me sort this out. At the foot of Vol. Thanks to Colin Jones for bringing this to my attention. This is rendered correctly in the CBBM It Pub 375 notes that this spelling has been then followed by many subsequent authors, HBW 2: The name is found on p.

Actinodura egertoni khasiana Citation In an interesting sidelight, The citation as give by Deignan in Peters Checklist It is given as A[ctinura]. This would be of minor interest except for the fact that Deignan almost I stress almost exactly reproduces the anomalous entry given in the Richmond Index, where the citation is given as A[ctinura] kansiana H.

It is probable that Deignan, working at the Smithsonian, took advantage of the Richmond Index, a possibility supported by this finding.

This would hardly be the first or the last time that authors have paraded the findings from the Richmond Index as being the results of their own labors and understandings.

The description was preceeded by text reading: Stuart Baker on behalf of Mr. The text is as follows: Then, a little over a year later, in the Nov.

Pub 375 notes

Stuart Baker, his description of Molpastes atricapillus klossi was attributed to Mr. I had confusions over authorial attribution here and was helped by Laurent Raty email This issue is addressed by Article Authorship of names in reports of meetings.

If the name of a taxon is made available by publication in a report or minutes of a meeting, the person responsible for the name, not the Secretary or other reporter of the meeting, is the author of the name.

Baker, was a participant in the meeting not the Secretary, or other reporter but it may be reasonable to see the issue as one of determining who is "responsible for the name", and it is further reasonable to hold this to be Gyldenstolpe.

Though it must be noted that this case does not appear to be specifically the kind of problem intended to be addressed by DOCUMENT RESUME ED CG AUTHOR Johnston, Dennis A.; Sherman, Martin F. TITLE Gender and Locus of Control as Predictors of.

Accidental Death Anxiety. Note: In this calculator radiant flux is calculated only over displayed wavelengths of nm. The Black Body Spectrum input clips the spectrum to be within nm. When using the black body spectrums the radiant flux is measured only over the nm range. Ohio Division of Wildlife Life History Notes State Endangered Species Publication () The maximum weights for snakes of this species are pounds for a male and for a female; Ohio’s largest recorded weight was for a pound individual.

The timber rattlesnake can be found through-.

Pub 375 notes

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Show More WEEK 2 Definition Magazines are printed and bound publications offering in-depth coverage of stories often of a timeless nature. Their content may provide opinions and interpretation as well as advocacy. They are geared to a well-defined, specialized audience, and they are published regularly, with a.

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